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As we all know, the dog is the miracle of the creation. In addition, the pointer is not even a dog, it is THE POINTER. The personalization of beauty, nobility, intelligence and overflowing love. I cannot deny that I am biased, but everyone loves her own dog the most; but in excuse I feel all types of pointers close to my heart.

My name is Tünde Bajorhegyi and I am a game-managing engineer. I have been working as a practicing professional hunter for years. I got my first weimaraner, the lovable „Arka”, after a long wait in the may of 2002. She made me familiar with the innumerable wonderful attributes of this outstanding breed. In the autumn of 2006, from the 10 beautiful puppies of her second litter I have chosen the –both from a breeding and a hunting point of view- most appropriate „Áfonya” (Blueberry).

My dogs help my job every day, both at the hunting of small-and big games.
I am proud of them, because they work well and successfully and contribute largely to the result. Without them, the hunting would not be complete what is rather the main source of happiness for them, than a job.
Who has ever seen a pointer seeking on a field, freezing from a sprint or jumping after a duck into the water –and paying attention to the keeper in the same time!- will never forget this memory.
Not everyone can be a hunter who loves the pointer, but there are several other sports that can be done with them. The emphasis is on the physical and spiritual movement, the loving care and the trust-based relationship.
It is important that only those should choose this overwhelmingly wonderful breed who can take notice of the fact that this means a different lifestyle.

My aim is the broad familiarization of the weimaraner, and the breed of healthy, beautiful social and work-dogs.

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Tünde Bajorhegyi and the Weimaraners

Updated: 07. 07. 2014.