Breeding Conditions

The Hungarian breeding and tending organization of the continental pointer types, bred in Germany:
the German Pointers Club

The appearance requirement of taking a breed of the German Pointers Club into breeding is to win at least once the „bredable” qualification at the survey organized by the Club. The exhibiting result is not enough. Male dogs can only get on the referenced list if they take part in the main survey. The requirement of taking into breeding is the successful accomplishment of the ability exam (KV maximum score 108 points) and the autumn breeding exam (ÖTV maximum score 280 points). The dogs can only do the exam on events organized by the club, only these are valid. From the performances made abroad, only the ones achieved in Austria and Germany are accepted. The directorate of the club has the right to recognize performances according to other agreements. For e.g. AE, organized by the Hungarian Pointer Club, organized by local MEOE organization, etc.; but only by preliminary agreement. Another requirement of taking into breeding is the HD (dysplasia)-test. The radiogram has to be sent to the assigned qualifying center for evaluation. The qualifying center (recently: Szekszard Veterinary Center) is chosen by the directorate of the German Pointers Club.
A bitch can only be taken into breeding two times two years.
Dogs with „B” pedigree cannot be bred.

If one of the parents does not have appropriate qualification for breeding, the descendants cannot get the certificate of derivation. In this case –by request- the breeding responsible can give permission if it is reasonable. The permission is only valid in that single case.

For the execution of the above mentioned functions, the club has established its local representative network. A certificate of derivation cannot be given without litter-control.