Litter "G"

Puppies out of Altrey Forever Hero of Diam Weim "Rey" and Bajorhegyi Hamvas Emma "Lili" were born at 9th of January 2017.

Rey results: HD & ED mentes, Junior Champion of SLovakia, Junios Champion of Czech, Champion of Czech, Champion of Slovakia, Grandchampion of Czech, Res. World Winner (2013), Club winner CZ (2013), Best show weimarener CZ 2012, 2013, 2016, Hunting Abillity exam I. merit, Forest exam I. merit WINNER, Autumn exam I. merit, Allround test I. merit (2012), Special Water Test (2014) I. merit 2rd. place, Club Alround Test CACT KCHVO Winner, Best work is forest, Club Allround Winner 2015, VSS (Alround) CACIT KCHWS II. merit 3.rd place, The Best Work with a Fox

Lili results: HD A, Hunting Abillity exam II. merit, Water Field exam II. merit, Autumn exam I. merit, CACIT Water Field Trial III. merit, CACIT Water Field Trial III. merit, Junior Champion of Hungary, Champion of Hungary, Champion of Romania.

"F" alom

Puppies out of Dianas Argentum Zorro and Bajorhegyi Hamvas Remény were born on 27th of Januar 2017.

Zorro results: HD&ED free,PZP 53p, VJP 55p, IPO, HZP 178p, WG 1, WF 1, sg/sg=sg,(Zorro did his exams in Germany), Croation Junior Champion, Croation Champion

Remi results: HD&ED free, Hunting ability exam I. prize,Autumn breeding exam I. prizs, CACIT Field-Water race II. prize, Hungária Junior Champion, Hungaria Champion, Junior Club Winner 2015.


Litter "E"

The puppies out of Weimaranus Moon Over Broadway "Muniek and Bajorhegyi Hamvas Dáma were born at 6th of May 2014.

Muniek results: HD & ED free, Hunting ability exam, Field Trial, Junior World Winner 09, Poland Club Winner 2010, Bulgaria Club Winner 2010,  Central-Easter-Europe Winner 2010. 2 x BIS, Interchampion, Multichampion - CH: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Moldavia, Poland;  Junior CH: Poland, Luxembourg, Hungary, Slovakia; Black See Winner 2010.

You can see results of Dáma in Our Dogs menu.



Litter "D"

The puppies out of Akim Katafygi and Bajorhegyi Hamvas Áfonya were born at 24 th of October. We have 6 male and 2 female puppies. The mother is our Áfonya and the father is Akim Katafygi . Akim is a successful male in show and work also. His results HD- ED free, Multi Champion, Inter Champion, C.I.E., Grand CH SK, SK CH, CZ CH, PL CH, HU CH, HR CH, AU CH, JCH SK, CACT, Hunting ability axam, Field exam, Water exam, Forest exam, Bloodtracking exam, Canistherapy exam, Rescue exams and sport exams. You can see the mother Áfonya in Our dogs menu.

See the photos about the puppies in the Galerie.

If you are interested in a male puppy from this litter, feel free to contact us!




Litter "C"


5 male and 3 female puppies were born from Foxy and Áfonya on April 09, 2010.

Males: Caro (Gandalf), Casper, Challenger (Karu), Chrome and Conan.

Females: Camily, Clara and Conie.

4 of them live in Hungary and the others live in abroad, Finland, Italy, Austria and Slovakia.



Litter "B"


3 male and 4 female puppies were born from the litter of FOXY Tigrie oko and our Bajorhegyi Hamvas Áfonya on March 20, 2009.
Males: Barney, Blöki and Boss.
Females: Bambi, Barka, Bársony and Brill.


Litter "A"

4 male and 6 female puppies were born from the litter of Yack von der Wapelburg and our Arka on August 5, 2006.
Males: Acél (Frakk), Agancs (Bluey), Álmos and Avar (Keno).

Females: Áfonya, Afy (Linda), Anni, Aphrodithe, Aszú and Athéné.
6 of them live in Hungary and the others live in abroad (Dubai, Austria, Croatia and Turkey). 5 of them had successful ability exam and 3 breeding exam.